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πŸ’‘ Synthesia FAQs πŸ’‘
πŸ’‘ Synthesia FAQs πŸ’‘

Find out the answers to questions you may have on Synthesia.

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This article will take you through all frequently asked questions around Synthesia.

Q: How do I save my work?

A: Synthesia automatically saves work for users. The saving status is displayed on the top bar next to the undo button.

Q: Can I work with Synthesia offline?

A: Synthesia is a web-based app and requires users to be online to access the platform and use the service.

Q: Which browsers are compatible with Synthesia?

A: Synthesia is fully compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This is the only browser we fully support and recommend.

Q: Why is my Synthesia not responding?

A: For the best experience, please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. We have limited support for other browsers (Firefox, Safari).

We do not have a desktop application for Synthesia.

Q: Are API connections possible?

A: Yes, however, please note that the Synthesia API is currently in beta and is not actively being improved. We do not offer any support for our API and do not guarantee any further active development. For further information please follow this guide.

Q: Can I integrate Synthesia with Descript?

Yes, Synthesia can be easily integrated with Descript. This option requires both a Synthesia enterprise plan and a Descript Overdub enterprise plan. The integration is done in Synthesia with your Descript API key and is free if you are a corporate customer. You find out more here.

Q: Can you upload GIFs into Synthesia?

A: It is not possible to upload GIFs into Synthesia.

Q: Is it possible to integrate Synthesia to OKTA SSO?

A: Yes, you are able to integrate Synthesia to OKTA SSO.

Q: Are the fonts available on Synthesia open licence?

A: All fonts are free to use and available here.

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