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Synthesia Personal plan is in maintenance mode
Synthesia Personal plan is in maintenance mode

Learn about how our plans will impact personal plans

Updated over a week ago

Synthesia Personal plan is in maintenance mode. If you are a Personal plan user, Synthesia Starter plan might be a good choice for you! 🥳

Information on the Starter plan and all our other plans can be found in the Synthesia pricing page.

If you have any queries in regards to our plans, contact Synthesia Support Team.

What is Synthesia maintenance mode?

Maintenance mode for a given plan means that:

  • Users are able to remain on the plan in maintenance mode, if they currently have an active subscription.
    However if the plan subscription expires, users can only subscribe to a new plan not in maintenance mode going forward.

  • When a maintenance mode plan users move to any of the new plans, the change is effective immediately and users don't have to wait till the end of their billing period.

  • Synthesia cannot guarantee that future feature releases are launched to maintenance mode plan. However any current features available on the plan is maintained.

  • Support isn't provided to maintenance mode users in regards to any issues they may have.


  • Whilst the Starer Plan won't have some of the Legacy Voice and Avatars available on the Personal Plan, such as Graham, Vernon and Mike, there will be lots of exciting new avatars released to the plan in the future, meaning that you will have more avatars to choose from than in the Personal Plan.

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