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πŸ’‘ Audio FAQs πŸ’‘
πŸ’‘ Audio FAQs πŸ’‘

Find out the answers to questions you may have on audio in Synthesia.

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This article will take you through all frequently asked questions around audio in Synthesia.

Q: Can I upload my own voice?

A: Yes! This feature is only currently available on our corporate plans. If you would like to add voice uploads to your account, please contact our Support Team to discuss upgrading your plan. If you are already on a corporate plan, follow this guide.

Q: Can I adjust the audio/music volume?

A: Yes! You can adjust the audio volume follow this guide for further information.

Q: Can I have different audio/music on each scene?

A: Yes! You can add different sound tracks on each scene, follow this guide for further information.

Q: What are the supported audio formats & length?

When uploading your own voice or soundtrack, the supported formats are wav, mpeg, ogg, aac, flac. You can upload a maximum of 5 minutes of audio per slide. The minimum length for audio is 3 seconds per slide.

Q: Can I download the audio?

A: Users on Creator Plans and above are able to download audio files (.wav)

Q: I am able to create a voiceover only video?

A: Yes it is possible, simply select the Voice option in the Avatar section of your project

Q: I can't hear the music I selected, when previewing the script?

A: This is expected behaviour. previewing in script will only preview the voice or any audio from media interested into the scene.

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