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How do I change pronunciation?
How do I change pronunciation?

Learn more about changing pronunciation, abbreviation and phonetic spelling in Synthesia.

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To modify the pronunciation:

  1. Navigate to the script box, highlight the word you wish to change pronunciation on.

  2. Click the Diction option, or select the Diction option from the script box icons.

  3. Type your pronunciation preference. In most cases this will be achieved using phonetic spelling.

  4. Retry the process as many times as necessary to achieved your desired outcome.

Learn about certain diction scenarios, using the Synthesia diction guide.


  • Any alternate pronounced words will be set to italic font.

  • Commas can be used after/before/in a word to slow it down or create a pause

  • When spelling phonetically, please ensure you use the Latin alphabet. Do not use phonetic symbols

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