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Q: How can I avoid being moderated?

100% of the content produced using Synthesia is moderated, to ensure we maintain our commitment to responsible use of Synthetic Media and ensure content is not harmful to individuals or communities.

Q: What exactly from my script was moderated?

A: Unfortunately we are not able to give specifics but you can read through our guidelines here to understand more about accepted and restricted in our platform.

Q: Can I use voice-only without the avatar present? If not, why not?

A: We do allow for voice-only content, although voice-only content does not change our stance on how we moderate. Our commitment to responsible use of Synthetic media is in place to ensure that our AI avatars or voices remain free from associations with specific topics that may not align with their intended use.

Q: Why canโ€™t I put a disclaimer in my script to allow for use of stock?

A: We encourage you to add disclaimers to better inform your audience of where your content comes from and it's intended use. However, our moderation guidelines and Stock Avatar restrictions remain unchanged regardless of the use of disclaimers in your video.

Q: Why was Video A of mine APPROVED, but a similar Video B was REJECTED?

A: Every video is reviewed and moderated individually in accordance to our content moderation guidelines. Therefore, each version of your video, even if it's just edited slightly (e.g., only a couple of words) will go through our content moderation process. This means that a similar or new version of the video contains content that violates our moderation guidelines, it will be rejected while the previous or similar video was not.

Q: Can I edit my video since it was rejected?

A: If you continue creating content with a stock avatar that violates our content moderation guidelines your account and videos will be subject a potential platform ban.
You are able to make edits to a rejected video however this will not guarantee it's approval. Each video is examined on a case-by-case basis, in terms of both content topics and the use case for the video therefore the only way to gain a level of guaranteed approval in the future is with a custom or webcam avatar.

Q: I am using this for internal purposes only, does that change the verdict?โ€

A: In order for our practice of Content Moderation to be fair, all content is measured against our Content Moderation Guidelines, therefore external or internal use of created content will not alter a content moderation verdict. The platform does allow for educational and informational content, and we work ensure that our AI avatars remain free from associations with specific topics that may not align with their intended use. There are occasions where both internal and informative content overlaps, however content restrictions will still be in place.

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