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A short & simple guide to our Content Moderation policies.

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Why We Moderate

At Synthesia, our mission is to make video creation easy for everyone. We also believe that synthetic media should be applied in an ethical manner. That is why we apply content moderation to all Synthesia videos. We believe this approach will keep the platform safe for all of us to create professional videos.

We are setting the highest possible standards for the use of our technology; it’s up to all of us to use it responsibly, respectfully, and creatively. To keep that high standard, certain types of content are prohibited, and some topics are restricted to Custom or WebCam avatars only.

Prohibited Content vs. Restricted Content

For our Content Moderation Policies we have two types of content we consider: Prohibited Content and Restricted Content. Depending on the topic within your videos, will determine whether or not the video content is allowed.

❌ Prohibited Content ❌

Prohibited Content refers to topics that are completely prohibited from use on the Synthesia platform. This is to ensure that our AI avatars remain free from associations with specific topics that may not align with their intended use.

You can find out more Prohibited Content topics in our Moderation policies here. Prohibited Content in each policy will be shown in the red columns in each of our Content Moderation policies.

⚠️ Restricted Content ⚠️

Restricted Content refers to topics that are restricted to Custom and WebCam avatars only. This is to protect the individuals who represent our stock avatars. They might disagree with certain opinions you want to create, and as such, we ask that you use a custom avatar with your own likeness to express those views. You can find out more Restricted Content topics in our Moderation policies here. Restricted Content in each policy will be shown in the green columns in each of our Content Moderation policies.

Our Content Moderation Policies

You can find out more about all our Content Moderation policies including details on prohibited and restricted content below:

Our Content Moderation Process

With each video you create, your content is placed into our Content Moderation workflow. The process is as follows:

Create your video with the content you wish to include and click Generate.

Your video will begin processing and during this time your content will go through our internal moderation systems.

Any content within videos that is flagged, will then be passed onto manual moderation, for our Content Moderation Team to review.

If the content does not violate one of our policies the video will be released from moderation and you will be able to view it as expected.

If the content violates one of our policies a notification will appear in Synthesia as shown below.

You will also receive an email from Synthesia in regards to why your content was rejected.

If you have any queries regarding rejected content you can follow the Read the Guidelines link via the in app notification or email link. Alternatively, you can look at our Moderation Policies in further detail here.

If you require further assistance or having any queries regarding our policies you can contact our Support Team here.

Why is My Video Awaiting Moderation?

We moderate 100% of our content. Moderation happens through both automated systems and manually. Whilst automatic moderation is instant, manual moderation requires further time for approval.

If your video is awaiting moderation, it will be reviewed by our Moderation Team as soon as possible. Please do not submit the video multiple times, as this will hinder the process, resulting in increased wait times.

If your video has been under manual review for longer than 24 hours please contact our Support Team.

If your video is Approved, no further action is required from you and you will be notified via email when your video is generated and ready to go.

If your video is Rejected, you will receive a notification in app and will be emailed an explanation of why the video was rejected and if applicable, how to remedy it, so it can be approved.

It is important to note that multiple submissions of rejected content may result in your account being suspended.

If you have submitted a free demo video which goes against any of our Content Moderation Policies, this will be rejected without further notification.

Should your free demo video be automatically approved you will receive an email confirmation containing your free demo video.

We appreciate you taking the time to review our Content Moderation Policies. We’re so happy that you’re using Synthesia. The most important thing is to have fun with it! We can’t wait to see your creations!

My video got rejected, why?

When a video you have created using our platform has deemed to violate our policies, you will be sent guidance to inform you of this including a link to appeal the decision.

To facilitate a thorough review of your case, we kindly request that you submit an appeal through the Content Moderation Appeals Form. This form allows us to gather all relevant information and provide a comprehensive assessment of your situation.

Once you've completed the form, our dedicated team will promptly review your appeal and provide you with an update on the outcome.

If you have any questions or need assistance while filling out the appeals form, please don't hesitate to Contact our Support team.

Inappropriate Language Policy

At Synthesia, we're committed to maintaining a respectful and safe environment in our platform. To ensure this, any content that violates our guidelines for appropriate language, will be moderated and rejected. This helps us uphold our standards and ensures that everyone can enjoy a positive and respectful experience while creating amazing video content.We encourage everyone to express their thoughts and ideas in a respectful and considerate manner. By doing so, we can create a space free from offensive or harmful language.

Repeat Infringement

Any content, that goes against our Content Moderation Guidelines, created by a repeat infringer who's been notified of previous moderation offences and subsequently banned, is prohibited and grants a direct block.
Synthesia shall have the sole discretion in reaching the final decision.

Want to Learn More About Moderation?

Want to learn more Content Moderation?

Take this course to learn why we moderate, what we moderate and how we moderate 😎

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