Thoughtful content creation, pretty please ✌️

At Synthesia, our mission is to make video easy for anyone. As more and more people use our pioneering technology, it’s our duty to make sure it is only used for good.

Therefore, there are certain types of content that you can not create in Synthesia, such as profanity and hate speech (more details below).

About our content moderation system

All the content you create in Synthesia is moderated. We combine both human and machine moderation for maximum efficiency.

🟢 If your video is not problematic, you will normally get it within minutes.

🟠 If it’s in a grey area, our team reviews it manually (which usually takes between 5 minutes and 1 hour and varies from weekday to weekend).

🔴 If your video clearly violates our Terms of service, it will be rejected immediately.

Restrictions: Stock vs. Custom avatars

When creating videos in Synthesia, you can either choose one of our Stock avatars or have your own Custom avatar created. Different sets of restrictions apply:

  • If you decide to use your own Custom avatar, there are fewer restrictions on the content you’re allowed to create.

  • On the contrary, when you use our Stock avatars (all based on real people, btw), we are being extra cautious when it comes to sensitive use cases. See "Restricted use cases” below.

  • There are, however, some types of content that will never be approved, no matter if you use a Stock or Custom avatar. See “Always forbidden use cases” below.

We hope this helps you understand what types of content can be problematic and why. We’re setting the highest possible standards for the use of our technology — and it’s up to you to use it in responsible, respectful, and creative ways. ✨

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