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Content Moderation
A short & simple guide to our content moderation policies.
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1. Why we Moderate

At Synthesia, our mission is to make video creation easy for everyone. We also believe that synthetic media should be applied in an ethical manner. That is why we apply content moderation to all Synthesia videos. We believe this approach will keep the platform safe for all of us to create professional videos.

We are setting the highest possible standards for the use of our technology; it’s up to all of us to use it responsibly, respectfully, and creatively. To keep that high standard, certain types of content are prohibited, and some topics are restricted to Custom or WebCam avatars only.

2. Learn more about Moderation

Want to learn more? Take this course to learn why we moderate, what we moderate and how we moderate 😎

We have also listed below the topics which fall under both prohibited and restricted content with relevant examples.

Please note: Examples showcased in this article are included but not limiting to our policies; if you require further assistance please contact our support team.

3. Prohibited Content

Some topics are completely prohibited from use on the Synthesia platform. This is to protect the individuals who represent our stock avatars, and to establish our position on potentially harmful topics.

The following topics are prohibited on the Synthesia platform:

➑️ Deceiving Videos

Misrepresentation of an actual person or Synthesia as an entity


Fake news and/or headlines than cannot be verified in mainstream media


Non FDA approved substances and supplements (including testimonials)


Miracle cures or formulas (including testimonials)


Get rich quick schemes, low investments with misleading returns


Claims about a product or service that is misleading and/or unrealistic


Unsubstantiated claims that a product performs in a certain way, accomplishes certain things it cannot, or brings an untrue benefit to consumers


Comparisons; when the script implies a product is comparable to another branded product without sufficient or verified evidence


➑️ Harassment

Any type of harassment will be rejected on our platform please see below for examples.







Libel / Slander






➑️ Illegal Activities

There are two forms of illegal activities that we do not accept at Synthesia.

1. Terrorism

State-Sponsored Terrorism


Dissident Terrorism


Religious Terrorism


Criminal Terrorism


2. Distribution

High Class Substances


Extreme Pornography (unlicensed)


Revenge Pornography


Child Sexual Abuse Material / Trafficking


Bodily Limbs / Organs


Firearms (unlicensed)


➑️ Personal Data

Videos containing personal data are prohibited as this goes directly against our Terms of Service and our Data Processing Agreement.

Government / Legal name (First and Surname)


Date of Birth, Home Address, Personal Email Address, Personal Contact Number


Passwords / Passcodes / Memorable Words / Hints


Government ID Numbers


Location Data / Coordinates


Internet Protocol (IP) Address


Debit or Credit Card Number and Expiry Date, CVV / CVV2 / CSC / CID


➑️ Profane Vocabulary

Profanity of any kind is prohibited; this includes curse words and sexually explicit content.

We also prohibit direct quotations, or paraphrasing taken from:

  • Film & TV

  • Literature

  • Song Lyrics

  • Press & Social Media

➑️ Weight Loss

We take content and information regarding mental and physical health very seriously.

We encourage healthy diet and exercise, however we will not approve videos about weight loss products that do not have FDA/Government approval. This includes but is not limited to:

Dietary Supplements


Weight loss drinks


Weight loss pills


Hypnosis and other non-medically endorsed cognitive treatments


4. Restricted Content

Some topics are restricted to Custom and WebCam avatars only. This is to protect the individuals who represent our stock avatars. They might disagree with certain opinions you want to create, and as such, we ask that you use a custom avatar with your own likeness to express those views. Topics that require a Custom or WebCam avatar can be seen below.

➑️ News-like / Media Reporting Content

Content that reports on events or developments, including but not limited to breaking news, current events, trends, and updates on topics of public interest, will only be permitted through our Corporate plans with a Custom or WebCam avatar. This policy applies to all media-reported content, social media platforms, and other online platforms including politics, business, entertainment, science, technology, and more.

We strongly condemn fake news and disinformation, including rumours, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. We reserve the right to ban any account instantly should they violate this policy.

➑️ Age restricted substances and services

  1. Adult/pornographic content; videos referencing adult/pornographic sites and services such as escort services, Only Fans etc.

  2. Firearms; Videos promoting the distribution and sale of firearms. This does not include videos about education and self handling.

  3. Gambling; Videos that discuss how to gamble and online betting/gambling services.

  4. Tobacco, Nicotine; Videos promoting the sale of or the use of tobacco products including: cigars, cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapes, e-cigarette and nicotine juice.

Links directing to external websites of age restricted content will not be permitted.

➑️ Astrology, Horoscopes, and Psychic Services

Videos relating to astrology, daily horoscopes or psychic readings will require a custom avatar. This includes testimonials about these services.

➑️ Cannabis (THC)

Content referring to the distribution or ingestion of THC Cannabis must use a Custom or WebCam avatar. Due to the ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding the Cannabis industry, it is recommended to use a custom avatar when distributing or discussing distribution or ingestion in a legalised country or state.

CBD Cannabis has been largely legalised for medical use. Therefore, content referring to the distribution or ingestion of CBD Cannabis is acceptable with a stock avatar.

➑️ Politics

Videos containing personal and/or opinionated political campaigns, agendas, endorsements and satire must use a Custom or WebCam avatar.

Videos discussing the history of the political climate and the history of political parties of a country are permissible with a stock avatar.

Political propaganda and fake political news is prohibited with both a stock and custom avatars.

➑️ Religion

Videos containing quotes from any religious text, prayer, psalm, mention of prophets, any religious opinion and preaching to convert require a Custom or WebCam avatar.

Descriptions of art containing religious themes are permissible with a stock avatar.

The promotion of or reference to cults, listed below, are prohibited with both stock and custom avatars:

Destructive cults


Doomsday cults


Political cults


Polygamist cults


Racist cults


Terrorist cults


5. Why is my video awaiting moderation?

We moderate 100% of our content. Moderation happens through both automated systems and manually. Whilst automatic moderation is instant, manual moderation requires further time for approval.

If your video is awaiting moderation, it will be reviewed by our Moderation Team as soon as possible. Please do not submit the video multiple times, as this will hinder the process. If your video has been under manual review for longer than 24 hours please contact our support team.

  • If your video is approved, no further action is required from you and you will be notified via email when your video is generated and ready to go.

  • If your video is rejected, you will be emailed an explanation of why the video was rejected and if applicable, how to remedy it, so it can be approved. Please note: multiple submissions of rejected content may result in your account being suspended.

  • If you have submitted a free demo video which goes against any of our above terms this will be rejected without further notification. Should your free demo video be automatically approved you will receive an email confirmation containing your free demo video.

We appreciate you taking the time to review these guidelines. We’re so happy that you’re using Synthesia Studio. The most important thing is to have fun with it! We can’t wait to see your creations!

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