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How to Publish your video
How to Publish your video

Learn more about how to publish your video

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Sharing content is an important part of using our platform and it's easy to do! The publishing option in Synthesia, allows you to share your generated videos with others.

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To share content, simply select the Publish button.

This will open a menu that enables you to copy webpage link, which you can share with others or copy embed code, if you wish to embed the video on a webpage.

To embed content, select the copy embed code button. The HTML will be copied to your clipboard, which you can then paste into other apps or your website to host your video.

πŸ’‘ TOP TIP πŸ’‘
When embedding a on your website, every time you edit or update your video in Synthesia, it will automatically update on your website without needing to re-upload it.

If you want to allow your video to be duplicated, toggle the Allow video duplication option to the on position. This means that anyone you share this video with, can duplicate it in their own Synthesia account.

The Call-to-action option, when toggled on, allows you to add a link on your video to another webpage.

This option will allow you to input a label for the link and the desired URL, you wish your viewers to navigate to.

Please note this option only works with the copy webpage link option

When sharing your video using the shareable link, your call to action will be featured underneath the video, as seen in the example below.

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