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How do I generate my video in Synthesia?
How do I generate my video in Synthesia?

Learn more about generating your video

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An important part of the Synthesia process is generating your project. Generating your video, allows for your video to come to life, displaying your video in full resolution, with elements, animations, as well as your chosen avatar presenting your topic to your audience.

To generate a video:

  1. Navigate to your chosen project and click the Generate button at the top right of the screen

  2. Input a new Title and Description for the video if required.

  3. If required, toggle the Include caption options on, for captions on your video.

  4. Click Generate, and the page display an estimated time for processing the video.


  • Generating a video consumes minutes on your account, learn more about minutes consumption in the How does Synthesia minutes consumption work? guide.

  • To edit a generated video, use the Open in Editor option.

  • Once a video is generated and you revisit it, you can view your version history and see which versions have already been shared.

  • It is not possible to edit a video thumbnail of a generated video.

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