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How do I join my company's workspace?
How do I join my company's workspace?

Learn how to join your company's workspace in Synthesia.

Updated over a week ago

To join a workspace:

  1. A workspace admin must add you to the workspace to generate an invitation email.

  2. Click Accept invite on the email.

  3. Create your account and login to Synthesia.

  4. The new workspace is displayed at the top left of the page.

  5. Once on a Workspace, create videos in the My videos section (only visible to you), or in the Workspace section (visible to all workspace users).


  • The first user to create a Workspace is automatically a workspace owner.

  • If you joined a workspace after already having a Synthesia account, you have access to both.

  • Videos created in your first account doesn't appear in your new Workspace, see the How do I transfer a video to a Workspace? guide to discover how to move them.

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