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How to Generate your video
How to Generate your video

Learn more about generating your video

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An important part of the Synthesia process is generating your project. Generating your video, allows for your video to come to life, displaying your video in full resolution, with elements, animations, as well as your chosen avatar presenting your topic to your audience.

Generating a video consumes minutes on your account, you can learn more about minutes consumption here.

To generate a video, navigate to your chosen project and click the Generate button at the top right of the screen.

Once you've click the Generate button you will have the option to edit the title of your video, alongside creating a description for your video as well as choosing whether you would like to choose captions in your video.

Once you are happy with your selection click the generate button, this will also display an estimated time for processing the video.

πŸ’‘ TOP TIP πŸ’‘

The Generate timescale provides an estimate of how long it will take on average for your video to generate.

This is not related to the video minutes that will be consumed when generating your content.

Q: Why is my video taking a while to generate?

A: Moderation is part of our generation process. We moderate 100% of our content. Moderation happens through both automated systems and manually. Whilst automatic moderation is instant, manual moderation requires further time for approval.

If your video is awaiting moderation, it will be reviewed by our Moderation Team as soon as possible. Please do not submit the video multiple times, as this will hinder the process, resulting in increased wait times.

If your video has been under manual review for longer than 24 hours please contact our Support Team.

You can learn more about content moderation here

How to edit your video after generation

Editing your generated video is straightforward and easy to do!

Simply click the Open in Editor button whilst in your video. Your video will re-open in draft mode, allowing you to make the desired changes.

Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Generate to create your amended video. This action will open a window where you can modify your video title and include a description.

Once your video is generated and you revisit it, you can view your version history and see which versions have already been shared. Pretty cool, right?

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