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How to Preview your Video
How to Preview your Video

Learn more about previewing your video before generation

Updated over a week ago

You may want to preview your video before generating it, to check your script and timing of animations within your project. Don't worry, this is easy to do! Let's get started!

Whilst creating your video, in the top right corner of the canvas, you have the option to press the Play button as seen below.

When you click the Play button, a preview of your video will appear on screen. Allowing you to preview your script, animations, and features added within your scenes.

Since this is a draft version of your project, the avatar will not animate at this stage.

However, once you generate your video, you will see the avatar in motion, and your images and videos will appear in full resolution. Additionally, any watermarks present will disappear.

This makes it easy for you to watch and evaluate your video before you complete the generation process.


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