Learn how to use workspaces, set permissions, and collaborate effectively on your projects.
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1. Workspace Overview

We understand that creating content for your company requires collaboration, whether it's an internal or external project. Each member of your team has responsibilities towards producing that final video.

Our Workspaces provide a shared environment that allows for easy communication and collaboration on projects within your business, making video creation a seamless experience for everyone involved. It also gives you the ability to share templates, images, videos, fonts, and music within your workspace.

This article will guide you through using workspaces, setting permissions, and collaborating on your projects.

Workspaces are currently only available to customers who are part of our beta testing, but it will be released to more users very soon!

2. How to join your company's Workspace

The primary Synthesia account owner within your business will arrange for you to be added to the workspace. If you are the primary Synthesia account owner follow these steps to add users.

If you joined a workspace after already having a STUDIO account, you will now have access to both. However, the videos you created thus far will not automatically appear in your Workspace. Don't worry, though - we've got you covered. You can transfer your original videos to your Workspace, which we explain below.

If you joined STUDIO on a Workspace from the beginning, you can start creating your videos in the Workspace. You have the option to create videos within the "My videos" section (only visible to you), or in the workspace section (visible to all workspace users).

3. How to navigate your Workspace

On the left-hand side menu bar, you will find several options. At the very top, you can see your company's logo and name. If you joined a workspace after already having a STUDIO account, the drop down here will allow you to switch between the two accounts.

By selecting the "home" tab, you can view all templates created within your workspace at the top of the screen. In the "recent videos" section, you can view both your drafts and generated videos. These videos are only visible to you.

To add these videos to your Workspace, follow these steps:

1. Go to the right-hand side of your video and select the three dots.

2. Select "move to" and then click the arrow to the right of "Workspace".

This will open up additional folders for you to choose from. Once you have located the folder where you want to add your video, select "move".

If the folder does not yet exist and you would like to create it, use the "Folder" button located in the bottom left corner, as shown below.

Before selecting "move," provide a name for the folder. This will generate a final window that allows you to confirm the action.

If you want to edit a video in your "My Videos" section or "Workspace", follow the steps below. Please note that currently, only the creator of the video in the workspace can access or edit it while it is still in draft. Once the video is generated, however, you can access it, view it, and make comments, allowing you to further collaborate on the content.

To comment on a generated video, open it and use the comment bar located below the video. Write your comment and either press enter to submit or select the "comment" button.

Your comment will now appear on the right-hand side, showing who left the comment and including a time stamp. Other users can also reply to your comment. You can use the "@" symbol to tag a specific person in your comment and you will receive email notifications when your content has been commented on.

To copy a link to your comment, or to edit or delete it, hover over the timestamp of your comment and select the three dots.

Now, let's head over to your Workspaces tab. Here, you can see all folders and videos that were created or moved directly to your workspace. You can also use the search bar to find a specific folder, as shown below.

In the top right corner, you also have the option to create a new folder or create a new video. This section also allows you to change your folder views, filter, or sort by title, date created, or updated date.

If you create a folder or a new video directly from your workspace, it will be visible to all members from the start and will not appear in your "my videos" section.

Finally, you can access a shared library where you can upload and access media, music, fonts and templates to be used within your workspace.

You have the option to upload or download both media and music assets from the library. To do so, navigate to the library section and select either "media" or "music".

  • To upload a file, use the "upload file" button located at the top of the screen.

  • To download media or music, click on the three-dot menu located in the top right-hand corner of the asset, and select "download".

4. How to invite others

There are two ways to invite others to your Workspace.

Option 1

Go to the bottom left-hand corner of your Studio and select your account. Then, navigate to "Settings.”

Once on the settings page, select the "Members" tab and then click on "Invite Members."

Here, enter the user's email address and set their permissions. Once you send the invite the user will receive an email notification allowing them to get set up.

Please note that currently only admins can add or delete members from the workspace.

Option 2

Add allowed domains. When a domain is added to this list, all email addresses with that domain will have the option to join the workspace during signup.

To do so navigate "Settings"

Select "General" and choose the "Open for anyone with a certain domain" option. Insert your company's domain, which will allow users with email addresses from that domain to join the workspace directly by signing up to Synthesia through the website.

Please note that only email domains used by existing workspace members can be added.

5. How to Transfer Original Content

How to Transfer Videos & Drafts

This section only applies if you joined a workspace after already having a STUDIO account, as you will now have access to both.

To transfer videos from your original STUDIO account to your Workspace follow the below steps.

1. To begin, access your old account by utilising the dropdown menu located at the top left corner of your screen.

2. Go to the right-hand side of your video or draft and select the three dots.

3. Select "Move to".

4. Press the small arrow on the top right of the modal next to Videos.

5. Select your Workspace.

6. After selecting your Workspace account, you will have the option to transfer your content either to the shared Workspace or to your video section in the Workspace, which will only be visible to you.

7. Select an existing folder, and then press "move," or simply press "move.”

The videos will now be transferred to your Workspace. Follow the above steps for all videos and drafts you wish to transfer.

To access your transferred videos, switch back to your Workspace by using the dropdown menu located at the top left corner of your screen.

All of your transferred videos are located either in the "My Video" section of your workspace or in the shared workspace, depending on which option you chose.

To transfer them to the shared workspace, follow the steps above.

How to Transfer Generated Templates

To begin, access your old account by utilising the dropdown menu located at the top left corner of your screen.

Utilising the left hand side menu enter your Library.

Access the "my templates" tab as shown below.

In the top right-hand corner of your template, select the three dots. This will open the following menu.

Select "move to" followed by the Workspace you want to move the template to.

Once your Workspace has been selected confirm by pressing "move".

Switch back to your Workspace account where your template will now be located in your library.

Please note that any assets such as media or music can be downloaded and re-uploaded to the new workspace. However, if you want to transfer voices and avatars, you will need to contact our support team.

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