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Import PowerPoint
Import PowerPoint
Learn how to import your PowerPoint slides in Synthesia STUDIO.
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  • The maximum size for a file upload is 300MB (supported formats: ppt, pptx).

  • Please note that our personal plan has a limit of 10 slides per import and the corporate plan has a limit of 50 slides per import.

How to upload a PowerPoint presentation

Click on Import PowerPoint on the top right corner of the home page.

Select Upload, locate the file on your computer, and click Import PowerPoint. Please note that this may take a while for larger files. If it takes longer than 1 minute, you can close the window while the file is being processed and come back later.

Once your presentation is uploaded, you can start turning into a video. Please note that your PowerPoint slides will be converted to images and you will not be able to edit the content of your original slides, but you can add additional elements such as avatars, shapes, text overlays etc.

You can upload multiple PowerPoint presentations, and you can find them under Recent Uploads.

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