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How do I use Animation Triggers (Markers)?
How do I use Animation Triggers (Markers)?

Learn more about how to use animations in Synthesia

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To trigger an asset animation:

  1. Select the asset you would like to animate, when selected, you will see a trigger appear at the start and end of your scene script.

  2. Select the highlighted trigger within the script box.

  3. Choose the type of animation.

  4. Select the Direction, Velocity, Duration and Delay of the animation.

  5. To move a trigger, select, click and drag the trigger to the desired words in the script, where you want the animation to enter and exit from.


  • If required, you can add animation using the sidebar located on the right hand side of the canvas, under the Animation section.

  • To remove an animation, select the animation and click the trash icon.

  • If multiple triggers are on the same word, select the trigger cluster and a selection box will appear allowing you to choose one asset or all assets on a scene.

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