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How do I upload Lottie Animations?
How do I upload Lottie Animations?

Learn how to use icons and Lottie animations in Synthesia.

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Lottie animations are small high-quality animations that, no matter how big you scale them, do not become pixelated.

To upload a Lottie animation;

  1. Click on the Media icon on the top toolbar.

  2. Select the Upload media button and choose the file you wish to add. The Lottie animation will then be uploaded to your library.

  3. Navigate to the image library and select the uploaded Lottie animation. This will then appear on your canvas.

  4. You have the ability to edit the Size, Colour and Opacity of the animation using the format function in the menu on the right.

You can learn more about media in Synthesia, using our Media reference guide.


  • The upload format for Lottie animations are json with a maximum size of 250MB.

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