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How to use the Synthesia Avatar Builder?
How to use the Synthesia Avatar Builder?

Learn more about avatar customization with Avatar Builder

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To use the Synthesia Avatar Builder:

  1. Navigate to Avatars section

  2. Choose the avatar you wish to customize.

  3. Select the three dot menu option and click Customize. Alternatively you can navigate to the Avatars > Create avatar > Avatar builder > Customize Avatar > Customize.

  4. Select Clothes colour using one of the Palettes, using the Color picker, or entering the hex code for your chosen color.

  5. Click Apply and the new shirt colour will be shown in the builder.

  6. If you are on our corporate plan you have the ability to add a logo.

  7. Click the Add logo option.

  8. Choose to upload your logo, choose an existing logo in your library or find a logo through our Brandfetch integration in the media picker.

  9. Resize or move the logo to desired location on the avatar's clothes.

  10. Add a Look name to your customized avatar.

  11. Click Generate.


  • Avatar generation takes around 15-20 minutes, however you can begin using your avatar in video creation. You will need to wait to generate your video with your customised avatar, until the avatar has completed the generation process.

  • You can generate up to 5 avatars at one time.

  • You can have up to 4 logos on each one of your customized avatars.

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