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How can I clone my voice?
How can I clone my voice?

Learn how to clone your voice in Synthesia

Updated over a week ago

This feature is only available for Synthesia Enterprise Plan users.

If you would like discuss upgrading your plan, contact the Synthesia Support team.

  1. Navigate to the Voices page.

  2. Click the New voice.

  3. Input: The Voice Name, Language (only English is supported currently), and Gender.

  4. On the right of the details page, you will have tips on how to get the best quality when recording your voice.

  5. Click Start Recording. You can record your voice for the paragraphs in any order you wish and you can navigate between the paragraphs using the tree on the left-hand side. You are able to re-record a paragraph at any point, even when a recording has started by simply clicking Record again.

  6. Once you have completed or are close to recording all 12 paragraphs, you will note Submit voice at the top right of the screen.

  7. The voice owner (either yourself or someone else) will need to record their consent. The consent will contain a unique passphrase, that is randomly generated.

  8. Once your consent has been processed, click Generate and your voice will be ready.

Learn more about custom voices and how to use them in the Synthesia Voice documentation.


  • The recording process will takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

  • To ensure you get the best voice clone, get a good quality voice recording microphone.

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