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How to Translate Your Videos
How to Translate Your Videos

Learn more about translating your videos into other languages

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This feature is only available on our Corporate plans.

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πŸ“£ Introducing our exciting new translation feature! πŸ“£

Translate your videos to a multitude of languages through the click of a button - translating has never been so easy!

Let's have a look at the feature!

How to Translate Your Video

Navigate to the My Videos section of Synthesia and find the video you wish to translate. Select the options menu located on the top right of the video and select Translate.

The translation box will appear as per the image below.

Clicking into the Add Languages section will allow you to browse the list of languages you can translate your video into.
We currently have over 80 different languages and dialects to choose from! πŸ₯³

Alternatively you can type the desired language into the box and the best thing about this feature - you can select multiple languages to translate your video to at once!

You also have the option to Only translate the script if you wish any written elements on screen to stay in the original language the video was created in.

For this example we are wanting to translate both the script and video elements as shown in the options chosen below. Once you are happy with your chosen language(s) click the Translate button.

A progress bar of the translation will be displayed in the bottom right section of the screen. Once the translations are complete, a green tick will show.

Once your video has been translated, a new folder will appear in your My Videos section, with the title of the video - translations. This folder will store all the translated versions of that video.

Clicking into the folder, will display all versions of the video, with the respective language abbreviation.

Select one of the translated videos and you will be able to see, from the example below, that both the script and on-screen text elements have been translated into French. The great thing about our translation feature is that it also works with both animations and markers inputted into your projects!

You will also see that the language voice has changed and you will be able to select alternative voice types in the translated video's language if desired.

We look forward to you using this new feature to take your videos to the next level, happy translating!

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