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How do I add a Guest to my Synthesia Workspace?
How do I add a Guest to my Synthesia Workspace?

Discover more about guest role feature in Synthesia.

Updated this week

Workspace users can invite a Guest user by sharing a video with the guests’ email.

  1. In the video edit or overview page click on Invite in the upper right side of the page.

    Alternatively - in the video list page in your Workspace / My video page, open your video 3-dot menu and select Invite

  2. Enter the email address of the Guest user.

  3. Choose the Permission of the Guest between Full Access, can edit, and can comment.

  4. Click Invite.

  5. In the Invite new user modal, select Invite as a guest.

  6. Click on Invite as a guest.

When the guest invitation is sent out, the new user receives an email invite:

  1. If the invitee doesn’t have a Synthesia account, they get to the account creation screen.

  2. If the invitee has an account (or just created one), they become a guest of the workspace directly. The video shared with them is then displayed in their Shared with me page.


  • Admins can control if workspace users are able to invite guests or not via Security Settings.

  • If there is an allowed domain configured on your workspace, and the Guest email address matches the allowed domain, then the user can’t be added as a Guest to your workspace, but is instead added as a Member.

See the Synthesia User roles & Permissions documentation to learn more about the Synthesia Guest role.

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