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The Guest role in Synthesia, will allow for better collaboration including reviewing videos for both internal and external stakeholders. For example, if a user is working with a colleague from a different team or an external stakeholder, who needs to review videos, they are able to add this user as a Guest and share the relevant videos. Removing the need to export videos and share them separately, ensuring sharing videos and collaboration on project is an efficient process.

Members Role vs. Guest Role

The are several differences between our pre-existing Member role and our newly introduced Guest role. Depending on the access a user requires, this will determine which role they will be assigned on the system. Access for both Members and Guest roles are shown in the table below:




Shared with Me


My Videos





  • Have access to shared videos in Shared with me

  • Have access to Trash (showing only deleted videos that have been shared with them) in a Workspace.

  • Can take actions on these videos based on their sharing permissions.

  • Are auto removed from the workspace when there are no videos shared with them.

  • Guest users, like Members, can take on 2 sharing roles: Full Access and Commenter.

  • Guests can’t be owners as they can’t create videos themselves.

  • Guests can comment ONLY (if you invite them as can comment)

  • Guests can open video in the editor to comment and edit (if you invite them as can edit)

  • Guests can edit and generate the video from the editor (if you invite them as can edit + full license)

Guest can also:

  • Can move videos they have been granted Full Access permissions on to any other Workspace they are a member of.

  • Can request an upgrade to member, admins can approve or decline the request.

However these actions would consume or require a full licence.

For our corporate plan users guest can:

  • Open video in the editor to comment and edit (if they are invited as can edit)

  • Guests can edit and generate the video from the editor (if they are invited as can edit + full license)

The Guest view in Synthesia will be as shown below:


  • Have access to Workspaces they have been invited to.

  • Can create videos and take actions on videos depending on sharing permissions.

  • Members can have 3 sharing roles: Full Access, Owner and Commenter.

  • Have access to My Videos section, where all their private videos are stored.

  • Have access to Library, Avatars and Voices sections in Synthesia.

Adding Guests to a Workspace

Admins can control if workspace users are able to invite guests or not via Security Settings. Workspace users can invite guests directly by sharing a video with the guests’ email, as shown below.

If a guest invitation is sent out, the new user will receive an email invite:

  1. If the invitee doesn’t have a Synthesia account, they get to the account creation screen

  2. If the invitee has an account (or just created one), they become a guest of the workspace.

The invitation for a Guest will appear as shown below:

If there is a domain configured on the workspace, when a user has an email address which matches the allowed domain, then the user can’t be added as a Guest to the workspace, but will instead be added as a Member.

Managing Guests in Synthesia

Converting guests to members

Admins can upgrade Guests to Members from the Member Settings page. Once a user is set to a Member, that user can’t be downgraded to a guest role.

Guests can also request to be upgraded to a member as shown below.

Admins will receive in app notification for any Guest upgrade requests.

This request will be reflected in the Guest list in Members Settings page for Admins.

For here, Admins are then able to convert the Guest account to a Member and if required, can remove any guest accounts that are no longer needed.

Downgrading a member

If an Admin requires a Member to be downgraded to a Guest, the Admin will need to remove the member for the workspace and re-invite them as a guest.

Removing Guests

Guests can be removed by the Admin from the Members settings page, selecting the users from the list and click Remove.

Please note that Guests are auto-removed from a Workspace when they no longer have any videos share with them.

Is there a limit to how many guest roles I can have?

There is no limit to the number of guest roles for our Corporate Plan Users, however for Creator Legacy users, there is a limit of 10 Guest Roles.

Can you have a Guest invited to a Workspace who has email address with a different domain?

Yes, you are able to invite users who have different domains to your Workspace as a Guest user.

If you have any other queries regarding the Guest role, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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