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Variable Video Aspect Ratio
Variable Video Aspect Ratio

Learn more about variable video aspect ratio and how you can use this feature in Synthesia.

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πŸ“£ Introducing our brand new feature to Synthesia, Variable Video Aspect Ratio! πŸ“£

To assist with all your video creation needs, you now have the option to create video in several aspect ratios:

  • Landscape: 16:9 (width: 1920, height: 1080)

  • Portrait: 9:16 (width: 1080, height: 1920)

  • Square: 1:1 (width: 1080, height: 1080)

  • Tall: 4:5 (width: 1080, height: 1350)

  • Wide: 5:4 (width: 1350, height: 1080)

To use this feature, simply create a New video or edit an existing one. Once in the project screen, click the drop down arrow next to the video title, located on the top left of the screen.

From here, you will see the options for the video aspect ratios, along with suggestions of which each size in used for.

Select the aspect ratio you require, and you video project on screen will change to the new view.

From here you can edit the elements on screen to fit your new aspect ratio as shown below.

You also have the option to zoom into your project canvas. To use the Zoom function, you will need to press and hold the CTRL (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac), this will allow you to Zoom in and out of your project.

Once you've zoomed into your video, a hand πŸ–οΈ icon will appear on the bottom right of the canvas. Clicking this will allow you to Pan across the video allowing you to navigate with ease, especially when you need to make granular adjustments to elements.

Once you've finished inspecting and editing, select the Fit button and this will return you to the full-screen view.

It is important to note that if you are zoomed out of the project canvas, that the panning option will not work.

Once you are happy with your video you can click Generate and the project will be generated as a video with the new selected aspect ratio.

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