Video Licensing

Learn where you can and cannot publish videos made with Synthesia.

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Stock Avatar Licence

When using a Synthesia stock avatars, the below rules apply.

Allowed Licensing

Not Allowed Licenced

✅ Training videos on your website

❌ Paid TV ads

✅ FAQ videos on your website

❌ Use in paid Facebook ads

✅ Sharing videos on YouTube

❌ Use in paid Instagram ads

✅ Sharing videos on Facebook/Instagram

❌ Use in paid YouTube ads

✅ Sharing videos on other social media

❌ Use in paid TikTok/Snapchat ads

✅ Product videos on your website

❌ Use in paid programmatic advertising

✅ Any use that does not include paid promo

❌ Use in any form of paid promotion

✅ TikTok videos

❌ Broadcasting TV (without permission)

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the deactivation of your account.

Custom Avatar Licence

With a custom avatar, the above video licence restrictions are not applicable and you can use the videos according to the agreements you have made with the person who's avatar you are using.

Our Content Moderation Policiesapply to custom avatars as well.

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