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Languages, voices & accents
Languages, voices & accents
Learn how to select, change and preview a language, voice or accent in Synthesia STUDIO.
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Learn how to:

1. Select language

To select a language, type your text in into the script box. Our system will automatically detect the language you write in (we support +60 languages).

Type text into script box

2. Preview voice

To preview the default voice and accent click Play script. We match each avatar with the most suitable voice by default.

  • It is not possible to adjust the audio volume or change the playback speed. To learn how fix audio pronunciation issues, click here.

  • The avatar will not be animated (move its lips) when you preview your script.

Play script

3. Change accent

If you want to change the accent, click on the voice selection bar.

Click on voice selection bar

4. Choose accent

At the top, you will find the recommended voices and accents for each avatar. For more, scroll through the list or use the search bar.

Browse accents

5. Preview selected text

To save time, if you have a long script, you can preview only part of your text. To do this, select the part you want to preview, and click Play selected.

Play selected

6. Troubleshooting language recognition

In rare cases, our system will have difficulties detecting the language you're typing in. For example, your script is in Spanish but French is detected instead.

To solve this issue, type in a few typical Spanish words in front of your script to help our system detect the language. Once the right language is detected, you can delete those words.

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