Learn how to:

  1. Add a video background

  2. Upload a video background

  3. Crop video

  4. Trim video

  5. Loop & Match to script

1. Add a video background

To add a video background, head over to the right side tool bar and click on the background icon. From here, select video and browse through our video library or use the search bar to find a suitable video.


Once you select it, it will be automatically added as a background on the canvas.

2. Upload a video background

  • Supported formats: .mp4, .webm.

  • The maximum size for a video upload is 300MB

Head back to the right side tool bar and click on Uploads. From here, select Upload background, then navigate and select a video from your computer.

Select image-3

The uploaded video will be automatically added as a background on the canvas and becomes an asset that you can reuse for future work. To rename or delete an uploaded video, click on the three dot menu on the video.

Select image-1

Please note: When uploading a video background this will not include sound even after generation. If the original video includes narration please paste your text in the script box, or upload your preferred sound file.

3. Crop

The Crop tool lets you resize the background video while maintaining the aspect ratio.


A zoom slider will appear below the video, allowing you to zoom in or out. You can change the position of the background by simply dragging it within the canvas area.

When you’re happy with your changes, select Done.

4. Trim

The trim tool lets you set the duration of your video or choose which part of the video to capture. To set the duration, drag the start anchor point on the left to the desired starting point and drop it.

Note that the auto-trim switch is enabled by default. This means that if you do not set an end point for the video, all the content will be included.

If you want to trim a portion of the video, you can drag the end anchor point on the right to the desired end point and change the section you want to trim by dragging the entire duration area.


Remember to select Done when you’ve finished.

5. Loop tool & Match to script

Loop - when enabled, automatically replays your video background in an infinite loop.


Match to script - when enabled, automatically adjusts the speed of your video playback so that the duration of the video matches the reading of the script.


Note that loop and match to script are mutually exclusive.

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