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Add Video Backgrounds
Add Video Backgrounds
Learn how to select, add, upload, trim, or match your script to a video background in Synthesia STUDIO.
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Learn how to:

1. Add a video background

Video backgrounds can greatly enhance your scene by capturing the viewer's attention and making it more engaging to watch.

To add a video background, go to the top menu bar and select media.

From there, you can either select a video from our various collections or choose to upload your own.

In this example, we have utilised our search bar to find a video that showcases outdoor scenes as seen below.

Select your preferred video, which will then be automatically added to your scene.

You can now expand or minimise your video to fit your entire scene or a section of your scene by dragging the outline of your video accordingly.

While your video is still selected, you can use the menu on the right-hand side to send it forward or backward. This enables you to add additional assets, titles, images, avatars, and more on top of your video.

In this example we have chosen to send our outdoor video backward and added our avatar Olivia in circle format.

And that's it! Your video has been added to your scene.

2. Upload a video background

  • Supported formats: .mp4, .webm.

  • The maximum size for a video upload is 300MB

Head back to the top menu bar and select media. From here, select Upload Media, then navigate and select a video from your computer.

Follow the same steps listed in our "Add a Video Background" section above to customise the video to your needs.

Please note: When uploading a video background this will not include sound even after generation. If the original video includes narration please paste your text in the script box, or upload your preferred sound file.

3. Trim

The trim tool allows you to set the duration of your video, or choose which part of the video to capture. To trim your video, select trim from the right-hand side menu

After selecting the trim option, your video will open with a timeline that allows you to trim and crop it as desired.

To set the duration, simply drag the start or end anchor point to the desired location on the left or right, and then release it to drop it into place.

In this example, we have chosen to trim the video on both sides.

When you're finished trimming your video, be sure to select the Trim option before exiting. This will ensure that your changes are saved and applied to the final version of the video.

4. Loop, Stretch & Play once to match your script

We have added three more options to help you manage the timing of your video, making it even easier to achieve your desired outcome. These options include cut/loop, stretch, and play once, which we will explain below. You will find all of these options in the right-hand menu, as shown below.

  1. Cut / Loop - The video will be either cut or looped based on the script length: if the script is shorter than the video, it will be cut; if the script is longer, it will be looped.

  2. Stretch - The video is stretched by either speeding it up or slowing it down to fit the script.

  3. Play once - The video only plays once and then stops, regardless of the script length.

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