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What is the difference between V2 Avatars and V3 Avatars?

Our V3 AI Avatars are now able to perform gestures, which add emphasis and emotion to your videos. The Avatars can perform four key gestures:

  • Nod

  • Head yes

  • Head no

  • Eyebrows up

How many avatars have been updated?

There are updates available for 190+ avatars. To find them, place your cursor over the avatar you're interested in. If the avatar has been updated, a V3 badge will appear in the upper right corner as seen belowπŸ‘‡πŸ»

Frequently Asked Questions About V3 Avatars

Q: What would cause my gestures to not work?

A: One of the most common reasons why your gestures may not perform once your video is generated is if the gestures were added too closely together. Make sure to separate two gestures in the script by a few words. If they are too close to each other, the avatar will not be able to perform the second one.

Q: How do I add gestures to my script / video?

A: To add a gesture click the Gesture button in your script box as seen below and select the gesture you would like to add.

If the gesture button is not present, this indicates that the Avatar you have selected has not yet been upgraded. Alternatively, you can right click in your script, scroll to gestures, and select your preferred gesture.

Avatar movement and gestures are not available in preview mode. Once you are satisfied with all the elements of your video, hit Generate and you will be able to see the avatar performing with the gesture.

Want to learn more?

You can find out more about our avatars here

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