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How to use the Layer Menu
How to use the Layer Menu

Learn more about selecting elements using the Layer Menu in Synthesia.

Updated over a week ago

When creating your video projects, a majority of the time, you will be working with alot of different elements in one scene. Sometimes these elements will be overlapping, and trying to alter the layout can be time consuming when trying to select the right element.

To help with this, we have now implemented a new tool in Synthesia, the Layer Menu! 🥳

Once in your video project, right click on any of the elements in a scene. Click the Select option at the top of the menu and you will see a list of all the elements currently in the scene.

Hovering on an element in the list, will highlight the element on the canvas.

Once you have found the element you wish to move or alter, click on the item from the list and it will be selected. From here you will be able to alter the layout and move or reshapes elements with ease!

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