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Guide to Workspace Settings
Guide to Workspace Settings

Learn about Workspace settings to control access and customise your Workspace

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This feature is only available on our Corporate plans.

If you would like discuss upgrading your plan, please contact our support team

Within Workspaces, there are several settings that you can customise to your Workspace to ensure you get the best experience for video creation and collaboration from Synthesia. Check out the sections below to find out more!

How to Access Workspace Settings

You can access the settings for your Workspace, navigate to the Home section and select the Workspace dropdown menu, located on the top left of the screen. You will then note the settings available to you. Find out more about the settings below.

It is important to note that the majority of Workspace settings can be changed by the Workspace Admins only


Within the General section, the admin will be able to change the Workspace Icon and change the Workspace name.


The Security section, allows the Workspace admin to set the Workspace discoverability. Admins have the choice of two options:

  • Invitation only: new members must be invited to the Workspace.

  • Open for anyone with a certain domain: any user on the specified domain is able to join the workspace.

Admins also have the option to:

  • Disable guests: this option prevents users from inviting people outside of the workspace to videos

  • Disable content transfer: this option prevents anyone from moving videos, folders or templates between different workspaces. To find out more about transferring content click here.

  • Disable studio and web avatars creation as well as custom voices creation: this option will disable only new submissions. Any submissions prior to admin disabling the flow will still be processed. All custom avatars already available on the users' accounts will remain available.

  • Disable video publishing flow: this option ensures that no video in the workspace can be made available publicly (e.g. embeds). If publishing flow is disabled, Synthesia automatically unpublish all videos in the workspace. If admin enables the flow again, previously published videos have to be republished by users again.


The Styling section focuses around the share page. Admins will be able to change several options:

Primary and Secondary colours: allowing you to change the colour of the call-to-actions button to match with your brand.

Logo: Upload your own logo to appear in the top-left corner of your share page.

It is recommend that your logo is in PNG format with transparent background and a minimum size of 200x80px.


This section will show all the current members and guest on the Workspace, here the admin is able to set permissions for members as well as invite users to the workspace.

To learn more about inviting users to Workspaces click here.

Danger Zone

The last section in Workspace settings, Danger Zone gives you the option to leave the Workspace you are currently in.

It is important to note that leaving a workspace will result in you losing access to all the content of the workspace, including your own.

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