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How to Use the Helpful Content Section in Synthesia
How to Use the Helpful Content Section in Synthesia

Need additional help when using Synthesia? Learn more about the Helpful Content section in Synthesia

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To help with your video creation needs, we have introduced the Helpful Content section in Synthesia. Browse through the sections below to find out more.

How to Navigate to the Helpful Content

The Helpful Content section can be found on any page in Synthesia. Navigate to the question mark icon located in the bottom right on the page. Clicking on the icon will open the options for the Helpful Content section. Explore more about each section below.

Synthesia Academy

Synthesia Academy helps you to create awesome videos by guiding you through tutorials on how to use Synthesia, from How to Make a Training Video in 10 minutes to How to Use Animation Markers. Synthesia Academy allows you to discover more about Synthesia through tutorials and webinars, to help elevate your content to the next level.

Example Videos

This section takes you to all the example videos that have been made with Synthesia. From here, you can browse, clone or customize videos that have been created using Synthesia.

You are able to search the video collection by use case or the video content.

How to Videos

This section of the Helpful Content area, takes you to our Youtube page where you can browse through all of our How to videos on how to use Synthesia, broken into bitesize videos to help with your video creation.

Help Center

Alongside all the resources mentioned above, you also have access to our Help Center, which features all our articles on product features, product updates and FAQ sections for all common customer queries on our product.

Contact Support

Should you not be able to find the help resource you require, you can select the Contact Support option. This section will allow you to search our help articles, check the current status of Synthesia, ask our team a question or check previous messages that you may have raised to our Support Team

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