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Synthesia Stock Voices 🗣️
Synthesia Stock Voices 🗣️
Learn about our brand new Synthesia Stock voices and how to apply them to your STUDIO.
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1. What are Synthesia Stock Voices

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! 🥳 We are excited to announce a new range of Synthesia Stock Voices! Although your STUDIO account already provides you with access to 120+ voices, we recognise that matching the right voice with the right avatar can sometimes be challenging.

Well, we've got you covered! Spending time locating the perfect voice will soon be a thing of the past because we are introducing 8 brand new Synthesia voices. These voices have been crafted by our experts to bring your avatars to life with seamless lip sync and perfectly appropriate voices 🗣️

2. How to use Synthesia Voices

When you select one of our 8 Synthesia voice-ready avatars, their tailor-made Synthesia voice will be automatically selected. To confirm that you are using a Synthesia voice, keep an eye out for the description line "This is a Synthesia Voice."

Of course, you can still choose a different voice if you prefer to use our selection of "other voices" instead of the recommended one.

3. Which Synthesia Voices are Available

  1. Matt, US English - Strong

  2. Jason, GB English - Confident

  3. Rosie, US English - Expert

  4. Jonathan, GB English - Urbane

  5. Jack, US English - Youthful

  6. Olivia, US English - Friendly

  7. Charlotte, US English - Husky

  8. Laura, US English - Serious

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