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Learn how to login to your account, password resets and Google / SSO sign on.
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Learn about:

1. Reset Password

To reset your account password visit this page. This will direct you to the reset password page and will prompt you to enter your registered email address. Once you have entered your email address click on reset password as seen below.

You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to reset your password, this can take up to 10 minutes.

Haven't received a reset password email?

  • Check your Spam / Junk folder.

  • Check your firewall settings as this may prevent the reset email from reaching your domain.

  • Check the email address is the one registered for your STUDIO account.

  • If you are still experiencing difficulties signing in please contact our support team.

2. Invalid Subscription

If you already have a paid subscription and receive the above error when signing into your account please contact our support team to regain access.

3. Details Not Recognised

If you have previously used a trial account please contact us to discuss account options as your trial may have expired.

4. Unsuccessful / Failed Payment

We accept all major debit, credit and master cards, if your payment is unsuccessful or appears to have failed please check the following:

  • Card details entered match and have the correct billing address

  • Card expiry date

  • Sufficient funds are available

If all above details are correct please try an alternative card or contact our support team. Please note we do not currently accept PayPal payments.

5. Sign in with Google / SSO

Accounts can be setup by signing in with Google or SSO. If your account has been set up with Google or SSO and you would like to use a password instead please visit this page and follow the reset password steps.

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