Lear how to:

  1. Select a soundtrack

  2. Add soundtrack

  3. Upload a soundtrack

Note: Currently it is not possible to adjust the volume of the music or play it in certain scenes only.

1. Select a soundtrack

First, head over to the right side tool bar and click on the music icon.

Soundtrack - Click on _Music_

2. Add music

  • The chosen soundtrack will be applied across the whole video.

  • It is not possible to control the audio volume or apply more than one soundtrack per video.

  • Supported formats: .mp3, .wav, .ogg, .aac, .flac.

Browse through and preview our selection of soundtracks. When you're ready, click Use to apply the soundtrack of your choice.

Soundtrack - Browse through the gallery

3. Upload music

You can upload your own music by clicking on Uploads.

Soundtrack - Upload soundtrack

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