Learn how to:

  1. Select an avatar

  2. Change avatar style

  3. Export only the avatar

  4. Synthesia avatars 2.0 (beta release)

1. Select an avatar

You can browse the entire selection of avatars by clicking on the Avatars tab in the right side menu on the home page.

From here, you can also preview an avatar in a few languages. When you've made your choice, simply click on Create video with this avatar.

Also, you can browse through and select an avatar by clicking on Avatars icon on the right side tool bar within the video creation area.

2. Avatar styles

You can choose between 3 avatar styles - full body, circle and voice only. You can mix and match between different styles to make your video more engaging.

If you have tried several avatars in your video and now you want to replace them all with one, you can do that quickly by selecting it, and clicking Replace All Avatars.

3. Export only the avatar

You cannot export an avatar with a transparent background (no alpha channel).

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