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This feature is only available to users on our Organisation plan.

πŸ“£ Introducing our brand new feature to Synthesia, Organisation πŸ“£

Organisation allows you to easily manage multiple workspaces as a single entity and removes one of the biggest barriers to enterprise expansion. With this new release we have enabled 4 things:

  • Organisation plan

  • Organisation settings

  • Organisation admin role

  • Self serve workspace creation

Organisation settings

The Organisation admin will have access to Organisation settings, located in the setting section of Synthesia. These include:


  • Organisation name

  • Feature toggles

  • Instructions on how to delete an org through Customer Support


  • Domain management (allowed domains for the organisation)

  • Permissions

    • Who can create new workspaces

    • The allowance of guests in the workspaces

    • Whether video publishing is allowed


  • Default license for new members

  • Who can approve license upgrade requests (only org admin or also WS admins)


  • List of all organisation members across all the workspaces with license type and role per workspace


  • List of all workspaces within the organisation with their membership counts

Organisation admin

With the new admin role for Organisation, the admin will be able to:

  • Have access to organisation settings and workspace settings of all workspaces

  • Promote and demote another user to / from org admin role

  • Change the role (admin or member) of any user in any workspace

  • Can invite new users (as members or admins) to any workspace in organisation

It is important to note that admin will need to be a part of at least one workspace to maintain the organisation admin role and will not have access to workspace content unless they have joined that specific workspace.


You are able to join workspaces in two ways:

  • Invitation: if you are invited, you will get an email and will be able to join workspace. Users will also see invites in Invite section on the join workspace modal

  • Through the workspace list: if you are a member of one or more workspaces in the organisation, you can see all open workspaces inside the organisation in Find Workspaces tab on the join workspace modal and join them without any invitation.

Members cannot see hidden workspaces, therefore, need an invitation to join a hidden workspace.

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