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Impact on the Personal Plan
Impact on the Personal Plan

Learn about how our new plans will impact personal plans

Updated over a week ago

With the launch of our exciting new plans, it will mean some changes to our current personal plan.

Our personal plan will go into the maintenance mode. You might be wondering what does this mean?

What is Maintenance Mode?

Maintenance mode for the Personal Plan will mean that:

  • Users will be able to remain on the Personal Plan, if they currently have an active subscription. However if the Personal Plan subscription expires, users will only be able to subscribe to the new plans going forward, if they wish to resubscribe at a later date.

  • When Personal Plan users move to any of the new plans, the change will be effective immediately and they won’t have to wait till the end of their billing period.

  • We cannot guarantee that future feature releases will be launched to our Personal Plan users. However any current features available on the Personal Plan will be maintained.

  • Support will be provided to Personal Plan users in regards to any issues they may have.

The great news is if you are a Personal Plan user, our new Starter Plan might be a good choice for you! 🥳

What is the Starter Plan?

The Starter Plan:

  • Provides 3 guest commenter seats allowing you to collaborate with others on your projects

  • Removes the scene limit, which means the chance to create more exciting content without restriction!

  • Won't have some of the Legacy Voice and Avatars available on the Personal Plan, such as Graham, Vernon and Mike, there will be lots of exciting new avatars released to the plan in the future, meaning that you will have more avatars to choose from than in the Personal Plan.

Have any Questions?

If you have any queries in regards to our new plans, please contact our Support Team.

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