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Where can I see my current minutes in Synthesia?
Where can I see my current minutes in Synthesia?

Learn more about credit usage in Synthesia.

Updated over a week ago

As a user on a Starter or Creator plan (Monthly/Annual) you are able to to view your real-time Synthesia Usage balance. To check how many minutes you've used on the current billing period, open your Workspace settings then the Billing section:

Synthesia also alerts you when you are getting close to your usage limit:

  • In the main menu bar.

  • Upon generating a new video.

If you reached your plan limit for your current billing period, or if the video you try to generate would breach the limit, the following message is displayed when trying to generate a new video and prevents you to launch the generation:

Upgrade your plan within Synthesia in order to resolve the limit. See How do I upgrade my Synthesia plan?

To learn more about Synthesia billing settings see the Billing & Usage documentation.

Need more help?

If you have any queries regarding usage or you would like to look at upgrading your current plan, contact Synthesia Support Team.

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