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Learn more about credit usage in Synthesia.

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As a self-serve user (both Personal Monthly and Personal Annual plans) you are now able to to view your real-time balance for:

  • Video minutes

  • Web Avatars

  • Studio Avatars

Usage in Synthesia will be tracked to the nearest second and only the edited duration counts towards your usage to ensure you get the most out of your plan!

Please note that minutes for usage will be reset at the start of the billing period and there is no accumulation of unused minutes.

How to Access Usage Panel

To access the usage section simply navigate to User settings then the Billing section.

From here you will be able see:

  • Your current plan

  • Next payment date for your plan

  • The number of minutes you have used

If you have an annual plan you will also have access to view your Web and Studio avatar count. The available count will be displayed in the Usage panel, once you have purchased an avatar. Avatar allowance will be consumed when a custom avatar is created. If you are looking to purchase avatars, please contact our Support Team.

At the start of each billing period, your usage will be reset and will be displayed as shown below:

Once you begin to create new video projects, Synthesia will track your usage, through the colour progress bar.

When you are getting close to your usage limit, the progress bar will change to orange.

Once your limit has been reached, your progress bar will be set to red.

Usage Alerts

You will be able to check how many minutes you've used in your the Billing tab of the Settings section, but Synthesia will also alert you when you are getting close to your usage limit.

It will be displayed in several areas in Synthesia. On the page of any of your generated videos in the bottom left corner as per the image below.

Your Usage will also displayed in the Billing section of your Settings.

When generating videos, a warning will also appear when you are close to your limit.

Once you have reached your limit, you will receive the below message and will need to upgrade your plan to keep creating your videos.

How Can I Upgrade my Plan?

You can find out more how to upgrade your plan here.

Any Queries?

If you have any queries regarding usage or you would like to look at upgrading your current plan, please contact our Support Team.

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