How to Group Elements

Learn how to group and ungroup elements for your video projects

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Elements are an important part of any video project, and the layout of these elements are crucial in any project.

To make it easier to move your elements in Synthesia, you are able to group and ungroup elements.

How to Group Elements

To group elements in a scene, hold the Shift button on your keyboard and select the elements you wish to group. You will know when the element is selected as there will be a blue outline around the selected element as shown below.

It is important to note that you are not able to group avatar with elements.

Once all the elements you need to group have been selected, right click on one of the selected elements and click Group.

It is important to note that element that are locked are not able to be grouped. You can find out more about locking and unlocking elements here.

Once grouped, you will see that there will be a single blue outline around the entire group as shown in the screenshot below.

Once grouped you can move the elements around together to allow you to create the best layouts for your projects!

How to Ungroup Elements

For some projects, you may realise that you wish to ungroup certain elements and this can be simply done in Synthesia!

Select the group, right click your selection and click Ungroup.

This will ungroup all elements within this group so you can move them around independently of each other.

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