Guide to User Settings

Learn about the user settings, from account settings to preference

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Within Synthesia, there are several settings that you can customise to ensure you get the best experience for video creation and collaboration from Synthesia. Check out the sections below to find out more!

Account Info

This section will allow you to update your details on Synthesia. Navigate to the to right hand of the project screen, and select the grey square. A menu will appear select Account Info and a new box will be presented to you on screen.

Within the Account Info section you are able to upload a profile picture for your account, using the upload function, you can update your name for the account and log out of all active sessions.


The Preferences section allows you to set which notifications you will receive. There are currently two options that you can have enabled:

  • Product Notifications: which is based on comments you may receive on video, sharing videos or any other videos notifications on Synthesia.

  • Updates: which will notify you on updates to our platform to keep you informed on the newest features for Synthesia.


Integrations section will include any software that can be integrated with Synthesia. Currently this section hosts Descript overdub, you find out more about using this program here.

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