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How to Use Descript Overdub
How to Use Descript Overdub

Learn how to add your Descript Overdub voice to Synthesia.

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Before you get started:

  • This feature is available only on our corporate plan.

  • To learn more more about Descript Overdub, click here.

  • To get the API key from Descript Overdub, click here.

How to Add Descript Overdub Voice

Click on Settings located under the Workspace drop down menu located at the top left section of the app.

Navigate to the Integration section and the option for Voice integrations and Descript overdub will be shown as seen in the image below.

Insert API key

Click Connect and insert your API key from Descript Overdub. Follow the instructions and select the Overdub voice you want to use.

How to Use Overdub Voice

Next time you create your video, when selecting voice you will find the Overdub voice at the top under My voices. You can and add or remove an Overdub voice by managing your Overdub Voices in your Account settings.

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