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Image backgrounds
Learn how to add, upload and crop image backgrounds in Synthesia STUDIO.
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Learn how to:

1. Add an image background

To add an image background, head over to the right side tool bar and click on background icon.

From here, you can choose from our selection of simple colour backgrounds, browse through our image library, or use the search bar to find an appropriate image.

Once you select an image, it will be automatically added as a background on the canvas.

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2. Upload an image background

  • The maximum size for uploaded images is 300MB

  • Supported format: jpeg, png, svg.

To upload an image background, head back to the background tool bar, and click on Uploads. From here, select upload background, then navigate and select an image from your computer.

After you upload your image, it will be automatically added as a background on the canvas.

Your uploaded image also becomes an asset that you can reuse for future work. If you want to rename or delete an uploaded image, click on the three dot menu on the image.

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3. Crop image background

To crop your image background, select Crop and you'll notice a zoom slider appearing below the image, allowing you to zoom in or out. You can also change the position of the background by dragging it within the canvas area.

When you’re happy with your changes, click Done.

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