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How do I make my Expressive Avatar more Expressive ?
How do I make my Expressive Avatar more Expressive ?

Make Expressive avatars more expressive

Updated over a week ago

In order to help generate specific emotions in your Expressive avatar, find below some tips and tricks:

Use expressive words:

  • Enthusiasm/Positive: "Fantastic!", "Great job!", "Excited to learn today?"

  • Encouragement: "You're doing well!", "Keep it up!", "Almost there!"

  • Empathy: "I understand this can be challenging.", "It's okay to find this tricky.

  • Curiosity: "Have you wondered why...?", "What do you think about...?"

Use punctuation:

  • Exclamation: Use these to show excitement or urgency. "Well done!"

  • Question marks: Show curiosity or request feedback. "What are your thoughts?"

  • Ellipsis: Can create a pause for effect or indicate uncertainty. "And the answer is...?"

Leverage old school emoji:

  • Happy: ":)" or ":-)" can make the message seem friendly.

  • Sad: ":(" or ":-(" can express concern or disappointment.

Add pauses in your script:

  • Add small pauses in the script that can mimic natural human intonation and give the listener time to process emotional content. Usually, it’s about 0.1 second.

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