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How can FOCA improve my videos?
How can FOCA improve my videos?

Synthesia FOCA framework

Updated over a week ago

If you ever asked yourself How could you maximize your audience engagement? How do you know whether your videos are any good? Or how can you make your video better no matter what? It's possible and it's called the FOCA framework: a guide to creating any video.

Whether you're making videos for training, learning and development, sales enablement, marketing or anything in between, FOCA is the essential guide to unlock the full potential of your videos.

To learn more about how to apply the FOCA framework to your video projects, we recommend attending the Unlocking Video Mastery - A Beginner’s Guide to FOCA webinar.


  • Webinars are run each week, at different times, to cover multiple time zones.

  • For more information on Synthesia enablement sessions, visit the Synthesia webinars page.

  • For a detailed overview of the FOCA framework, check out the Synthesia FOCA course.

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