How to Lock & Unlock Elements

Learn about locking and unlocking elements for your projects

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To help with your projects and their layout, you have the option to lock elements on your canvas. By locking an element, this will stop the element from being moved, resized or rotated on the canvas.

How to Lock an Element

To lock an element on your canvas, simply select the element you wish to lock. You will note that when an element is selected, a blue outline will display around the element.

Once selected, right click the element and select Lock from the menu drop down.

The element will now be locked and this will be shown with a πŸ”’ symbol as shown in the screenshot below. This element will now not be able to be moved on canvas unless you unlock it.

How to Unlock an Element

Should you need to move, resize or rotate a locked element, you can do so by following the simple steps below.

To unlock an element, you will need to select the locked element, right click on the element and select Unlock.

After your element is unlocked you can move, resize and rotate the elements until you are happy with the layout!

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