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  1. What is the Rich Text Editor?

  2. How to add Pauses

  3. How to add Variables

  4. Change Pronunciation

  5. Add Gestures

1. Rich text editor

The rich text editor allows you to adjust pronunciation, add pauses and variables to your script and change your avatar gestures (such as frowns, verbal nods), making writing and editing a seamless journey.

2. How to add pauses

To add a pause to your script simply right click anywhere in your text and select the pause option or select the pause button as seen below.

Drag and drop to change it's position and click on it to make changes to the duration of the pause (default 1 second).

There is no limit to the amount of pauses you can add to your script.

3. How to add variables

To add variables to your script right click after your chosen word and select variable or select the variable option as seen below.

Type in your variable name and press enter.

4. Change Pronunciation

Occasionally you will notice minor problems with the pronunciation of certain words.

To change pronunciation highlight your chosen word and either right click to select diction or select the diction option as seen below.

Type your pronunciation method as seen in the example below and press enter.

Below you will also find a list of recommendations on how to fix some of the most common pronunciation problems.

Use phonetic spelling

In most cases, you can fix the pronunciation of a word using phonetic spelling. To do this, select the word for which you want to adjust the pronunciation, as showcased above, and spell the word phonetically.

Below is a handy table to help you replace letters with phonetic alternatives.

5f2aa75714ff3e0847b6ca23_Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 20

Use audio previews

Before generating your video, preview your script and by clicking on Play Script. This way you can identify any pronunciation issues prior to generating your video.

To save time, if you have a long script, you can preview only part of your text. To do this, select the part you want to preview, and click Play selected.

Play selected

Use short paragraphs

When you have a long script, break it down into smaller paragraphs. This will help our system adjust the pacing of the video and fix minor pronunciation issues.


Spell words correctly and don't mix languages

Make sure you have used correct spelling, and don’t mix languages. For example, don’t include Spanish words in an English script.


Insert hyphens

You can sometimes fix word pronunciation by inserting hyphens or using their phonetic spelling. Here are a few examples:

  • Words

    Try inserting hyphens to make the word sound like you want. For example:

    [ Content → con-tent ]

  • Acronyms

    Try spelling acronyms it like they would sound. For example:

    AI → a-eye

    AWS → a-"double you"-s

    NYC → N Y C

  • Numbers

    Try spelling numbers as words. For example:

    • Ten eighty-nine -> 10 89

    • Two five eight six -> 2 5 8 6

    • One hundred and forty eight: -> 148

  • Use punctuation marks

    If you have problems with sentence rhythm, try inserting commas, periods, or quotation marks to add different styles of breaks in your script.

    • Commas will add shorter breaks than a period.

    • Periods will add a longer break and downwards inflection.

    • "Quotes" will add emphasis to a specific word or part of the sentence.

5. Add Gestures

To add a gesture click the gesture button in your script box as seen below and select the gesture you would like to add.

You can also right click in your script, scroll to gestures and select your preferred gesture.

Please Note: Gestures are only currently available with our avatars Kristian and Ophelia.

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