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How do I add a variable to my script?
How do I add a variable to my script?

Learn how to add pauses, change pronunciations and add variables

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Variables allow you to create customisable videos at scale. This can be achieved through the API, but can also be done through Synthesia.

To add a variable to your script:

  1. Write out the script for your video.

  2. To personalise an element, highlight or select it and right-click to open the options menu.

  3. Select Variables

  4. Give it a name.

The next step is to create your variable as a template:

  1. Select Generate from the top right-hand side menu.

  2. Add a Title and Description, if required.

  3. Select Generate, and you will be prompted to create your personalisation as a variable.

  4. Select Convert.

  5. The right-hand side menu will open, allowing you to create this template, make any amendments to your title or description, and enable or disable captions.

  6. Click Publish template.

  7. Open your template from My templates section; you can either create a personalised video or edit the template. For this occasion, we will choose to create the video.

  8. Once you have selected Create video, personalise the video by adding the desired name.

  9. Once the name has been added, select Generate video.


  • Variables can be added for images, text, videos, and any other elements that you would like to customise within your video.

  • Any videos with public variables require being converted into a template.

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