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What can I use Synthesia for?

Synthesia was just recently launched in beta. Now we have hundreds of customers creating videos for different use cases. We'll explore a few use cases below.


💡 Tip: synthetic AI video really shines when you have a use case that requires production of a big number of videos in possibly many different languages. All you need is text for your content. Then you can create hundreds of videos that would normally take weeks to shoot in a matter of minutes. 


See how companies like Accenture, BBC, Reuters and more use Synthesia today:

  • 📣 Internal corporate communication: Synthesia is great for turning boring presentations or PDFs into engaging video content. This way leadership and communication departments can easily create a big number of videos for newsletters, corporate news, compliance rules, onboarding and more. See more about this use case.
  • 👨‍💻️ Internal corporate learning & development: Synthesia customers are adopting new ways of internal training via scalable video content. Now they can turn instruction manuals and other documents into videos that can be easily consumed on-the-go and on mobile. Furthermore, with quick translations, corporations are now able to deliver video messages to their international and diverse workforce all over the world. See more about this use case. See more about this use case.
  • 👨‍🏫️ External e-learning courses: E-learning sites can now create engaging content at scale at a fraction of cost. Even more, this opens a whole new world of e-learning: everyone that posses unique knowledge can now create their own unique e-learning course with hundreds of videos in a matter of days.
  • 🙋 Customer support videos at scale: Customer support departments can now create a big suite of onboarding and support videos that can be easily edited when products change and instantly translated for many different markets.
  • 💸 Sales videos at scale: Our customers are now able to create customized videos for sales campaigns. Imagine creating a scaleable outbound engine that creates a custom video for each new prospect with their website as their background image. We've even seen customers automating creation of personalized thank you videos to each new customer! 
  • 🛒 E-commerce videos at scale: Now it's finally possible to cost-effectively create a video describing each product in your e-commerce shop or a new video for each real estate listing. No editing required, all you need is text and that's it.

🎥 To see more customer examples, check our Youtube channel