Slides & Transitions

Learn how to add slides and transitions in Synthesia STUDIO.

Before you get started:

  • To learn how to select an avatar, click here.
  • To learn how to add text overlays, click here.

Learn how to:

  1. Add slides
  2. Add transitions

Add slides

To add a slide, click on Add slide on the right side menu. In case you want to keep the design of your previous slide, you can duplicate it by clicking on the three dot menu on the slide you want to duplicate.

Notice that you can also cut, copy, paste or delete a slide using the same menu. You can change the order of your slides by moving them up and down.

Add transitions

To add a transition, click on Add transition icon between slides. From here, you can select the transition style you want to apply.

Note that the transition will apply only between the two slides you selected - you can have multiple styles of transitions across different slides. 
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