How to integrate with Descript Overdub

Here's how to add your Overdub voice to Synthesia STUDIO.

💡 What is Descript Overdub?

In short, with Descript Overdub you clone your voice, which can then be used in Synthesia STUDIO to create videos.

👉🏻 Note: This feature is available for Synthesia STUDIO corporate accounts only.

🛠 Prerequisites:

📚 Here is how get your Overdub voice in Synthesia STUDIO:

Step 1: Get the API key from Descript Overdub, you can find information about it here and here.

Step 2: Select your account settings at the bottom left of your screen.


Step 4: Scroll down and find Voice Integrations.


Step 5: Click "connect" and insert the API key from Overdub.


Step 6: You will now see your available Overdub voices, select the one you want to use.
                Tip: you can also select a default voice from Descript (English only).


Step 7: Next time you create your video, when selecting voice you will find the Overdub voice at the top, under "My voice".


✅ You can always go back and add/remove voices, just simply head back to your account settings and manage your Overdub voices.